#5: Sean's Homemade Salsa & Bali Taco Tuesday Nights

So basically, you can take the Call's out of California but you can't take the California out of the Call's! What does that mean exactly? Well, we craved things from home...the beach, the perfect weather, Trader Joes, the mountains, our family, our friends, In-N-Out and...MEXICAN FOOD! There were a few beautiful moments where we actually came across a burrito or some sub-par tacos which satisfied a craving but nothing compared to the real thing. We had to make the real thing happen if we wanted to survive (ok, maybe that is a tad bit dramatic but if you too are from California, you totally get it, right?)

I am sure I will touch on this subject a few times in this journal because so many good meals came from our kitchen at the Villa Champagne in Bali, but I guess today is the day where I introduce our 2 months of Bali life: surfing, beaching, swimming, lounging, scooter-ing, exploring, grocery shopping and cooking our hearts out. Pretty much....we were living the freaking life in Bali. Hence, why we stayed for 2 months! You guys, it WAS paradise. Every single part of it. From our Villa with a pool that overlooked rice patties, to the beach that was a short scooter ride away, and our evenings spent drinking wine (well, Kaila and I drank wine while the boys enjoyed their Bali Hai beer) while playing endless games of Banana Grams before enjoying a home cooked meal and a movie marathon. So needless to say, I will reference those wonderful 2 months often in this journal because a lot happened in that kitchen. Oh, I can't wait to test our our "Bali Cakes"...you guys are in for a treat!

Anywho...back to Mexican food. Yum. What do ya do when you have 4 Californians spending most days at the beach? You figure out a way to make tacos. Every.Single.Week. (Which also lead to breakfast burritos every week too...but that will be a different post). We sought out all the essentials at the grocery store where we spent soooooo much time each week, but it was glorious. We scanned the local market for the perfect tomatoes. We chose our protein to stuff our tacos. Will this week be chicken? Fish? Tofu possibly? (actually, very delicious). We bought the overly priced tortilla chips. We went to town each week for this very necessary meal. 

Sean was always in charge of the salsa. Unlike here in California...they don't just have jars or pre-packaged salsa BUT they did have tomatoes, cilantro (or coriander...what the rest of the world likes to call it. Weirdos.), chilis, onions and limes. What else do ya need? By the end of our Bali life, he had perfected his salsa. We ate bowls and bowls of it each week. It started as pico de gallo, but overtime, it turned into this blended mix of fresh deliciousness that we topped our weekly tacos with. Now that we are home and have more salsa options than we know what to do with, we are still channeling our Bali selves and making our salsa. It's so easy, so fresh and so satisfying. 

Like I mentioned, Sean was always the salsa man. So, last week I decided that I was going to give it a whirl...I mean, I had watched him enough times to know how to make it! And what do I do? I messed it up! It all looked good, but when I tasted it, something was missing. I forgot the onion! Rookie mistake! But lazy bum over here just kept that little secret to myself to see what Sean thought of it...and he knew instantly. How did I think I could fool him?

So I have a question for all of you...do you guys ever attempt to make your own salsa? If so, what tips and tricks do you have? We seriously have the most simple recipe but I am curious as to what little secrets people add to their salsa. Let me know! And, I could also use your opinion. We have tried it with fresh tomatoes (they have to be perfectly ripe, super red, and delicious all on their own for the salsa to be bomb) but we have also tried it with canned tomatoes. Once we realized we liked both, we decided to mix the 2 so now we are doing 1/2 fresh tomatoes and 1/2 canned tomatoes. So, if you DO make your own salsa...where do you stand on that subject???

Thanks a (tomato) bunch!

Until next time & next recipe,

Lisa Call