#6: All American Biscuits n' Gravy

If someone from a different country asked you to make them something that you can really only get in the USA, what would you make them? 

Some ideas we threw around were...

  • hot dogs
  • a good ol' burger...In-N-Out style
  • breakfast-for-dinner (pancakes, eggs, bacon, ok...I am starving)
  • fish tacos (which we actually did make!)
  • fried chicken
  • banana bread
  • ...and other things I just can't seem to think of right now!

Well, what we settled on was...drum-roll please...biscuits and gravy! Why, you ask? Seriously, NO ONE had a clue what they were! I mean, how do you even explain it? To our Scottish friends in Tuscany, we started off by saying "Biscuits, ya know? Like flaky bread with white gravy and sausage." And they starred at us like we were from a completely different planet. Remember that, Elly & Craig??? And what we ended up saying (so they would understand) was "Savory scones with sausage sauce." Now, tell me what doesn't sound delicious?! Ok, maybe not so much. And then, when we tried to explain it to my Italian cousins...well they really had NO idea what we were talking about. And they couldn't wrap their head around bread being soft...oh Italians and their crusty bread -- so typical! 

We had found the winner! Whenever someone asked us to make something from the USA that they couldn't get in their country, we would make them biscuits and gravy. And, the best part about it was...we could find the ingredients in every country we went to! I mean, how easy is flour, butter, sausage and milk? It was perfect! 

I could tell that people thought it was about the weirdest thing ever. Lets think about this...2 pieces of crumbly bread, slathered with this white sausage sauce and eaten for breakfast. The presentation didn't help either! There was one time we served it with a fried egg to bulk up the appearance a little bit but that only resulted in our hosts saying "Oh, so THIS is why America has the largest obese population"...oopsie! Looks like next time I'll be making her a kale smoothie! 

Sean was in 7th heaven because it is his favorite breakfast ever. Every year for his birthday, we make it -- and I said we. You would think that I would do the romantic gesture of waking up early, rolling out the dough for fresh biscuits and slaving over a pan of hot sausage gravy for him while making sure he remained snug as a bug in bed. But no, he absolutely insists on making the gravy. I don't even think I'm allowed to look at the gravy while he is making it. So, that leaves me to biscuit duty! Over the year, Sean perfected his gravy and I perfected my biscuits...match made in heaven if I do say so myself! 

However....a few weeks ago, my lady, Kaila had requested biscuits and gravy and Mr. Sean was not around to make it himself so with careful instructions, he gave me his foolproof recipe for sausage gravy. And it was perfect. As I stood over the pan, I channelled him while he was at work and I made gravy heaven. But this week was special - the gravy master himself was home and with some pork sausage in the freezer, we just couldn't ignore it calling our names BEGGING to be made into gravy. So naturally, mid-week biscuits and gravy happened...no birthday required ;)

So seriously, what would YOU make for someone if they requested a unique dish from the USA? I would really like to know! ...just in case we ever go on another year-long trip (yes please!), I want to have some ideas stored in my back pocket :)

Until next time & next recipe,

Lisa Call