#2: A Glass of Rosé

Has anyone noticed the growing rosé section at your local grocery store??? Well, mine is Trader Joes and they have a whole section dedicated to that deliciously refreshing pink wine! I think people have a misconception about rosé — thinking that it is that overly sweet white zinfandel that every wine drinker starts with, but never ever actually continues to drink. I guess I shouldn't say EVERYONE but most, am I right? I know the first wine I actually enjoyed was not just any white zinfandel…no no. But a strawberry white zinfandel with loads and loads of sugar and artificial flavors and at the time, I thought “oh yeah, this is my wine that I will drink. I’m gonna be the strawberry white zin gal.”

Thankfully, things change. Tastes change. And I am no longer that gal. I am not prejudice to any wine (except white zinfandel) and I am an especially HUGE fan of rosé!

Rosé was the color of our time in France. Typically, it is drank all day in those warm summer months, but we did not let the time of year (fall & winter) stop us from indulging in something so French and so delicious. Picture this: a small town nestled in the middle of the French countryside and placed next to be a beautiful national forest in Normandy. Waking up to the fog and the faint sound of cows moo-ing in the distance. A hot cup of perfect french press coffee and a crispy baguette slathered in homemade jam and creamy french beurre (butter). What does the rest of the day hold? How about a walk into town? We could take the long way and go through the forest and then end up at the lake where we could watch the geese float on by. And from there, we could wander over to the farmers market and pick up some fresh flowers, maybe a slice of cheese or two and then go for lunch in town. What sounds good for lunch? Ah, fresh crepes…filled with creme fraiche and smoked salmon and topped with a squeeze of fresh lemon. To drink? A liter of rosé. That liter will last us hours…hours of chatting, playing cards, watching the French do what they do, and hours of just being in the moment. That is the moment I joyfully live in when I think of a simple glass of rosé and I can’t help but want to indulge in those memories whenever I see a bottle of that pretty pink wine.

In The Table Trail Cookbook, I want to include drink pairings to most dishes. Ranging from wines that come from the region where the dish originated, to imported beers that we can find here in the states, to a cocktail that we had while enjoying a meal…or alternatives that everyone would be able to find and/or make. 

So I leave you with this…the summer months are approaching and I beg you to go to your local grocery store, pick up a rosé (preferably from France), set up outside and share it with loved ones. Heck, even put out a few slices of French cheese — no one turns down a good brie! And when my cookbook comes out, it will include the recipe of that delicious french crepe with salmon, creme fraiche and lemon and when you make it, with a glass of rosé to accompany it, you will see what I am talking about. 

ps: if you have a favorite rosé, please let me know what it is in the comments so I can check it out!

Until next time & next recipe,

Lisa Call