The Table Trail Cookbook

the table trail: life & love around the table

The idea that food can bring the world together and that the table can be a meeting place is what fueled our desire to explore that mentality further during our travels. 

I dont know about you, but when I gather around a table with a big ol’ plate of deliciousness in front of me, I feel like I am at home…no matter where I actually am in the world. We had a goal of feeling at home in all parts of the world and that began our mission of talking to people about what food means to them, how cooking inspires their daily lives and the feeling they get when gathered with friends, family, or even strangers around the table to share something special. 

I knew before we left on our trip that I would do my best to remember amazing dishes that we had in hopes I could one day recreate them, but even bigger than that, I would take the time to ask someone to go out of their way and actually show me how to make their favorite meals or a meal that was meaningful to them. We would chat over chopping onions, pouring glasses of wine, stirring the pot, and breaking bread at their table. Whether it was those moments of getting a hands on lesson, or the memory associated with a really great meal shared with really great people, I did my best to record and remember it all. 

…And that is what brings me to this little project of mine of writing a cookbook that is full of all those wonderful stories and recipes that made us feel at home. I hope that you will come along this journey with me and we can bring the world into your home, on your table and that you will feel inspired to try something new with your people. 

In The Cookbook Journal, I plan on writing about my experience, the ups and downs, the recipes that just did not work, the ones that are out-of-this-world-delicious, and where I am at in this process as I go through it. I can’t wait to share this story with you all.