Twas' the Night Before...Departure!

The time has come! Our packs are all packed and we are ferociously going through our to-do list, our pack list, and our “don’t you dare forget this!” list. We are crossing our t’s and doting our i’s. We are pacing the house and scanning our room for any forgotten men. And as it appears, we have gathered all our belongings and made our life fit into 2 backpacks. Ok well, 3. Maybe 4. (2 backpacks, 1 electronics bag, 1 day pack…oh and a purse. So 5. We have packed our life into 5 things with straps.)

The last few days have been awesome and filled with lots of friends and family and super sweet well wishes. There were some tears but those tears just remind us that there are so many people we love and care about at home and it makes us excited to eventually come back. But for now, we are relishing this moment. This time in our lives. The night before we leave and in all honesty, it’s so incredibly exciting but it’s freakin’ me out! As we drove around good ol’ Mission Viejo today, I turned to Sean and asked him a plain and simple question — “How do you feel?” And his response was exactly how I was feeling too — “A little weird.” There was no other way to describe it. There are so many unexpected moments ahead and we are leaving our major comfort zone so feeling “weird” adds to the excitement I think. Right?…well anywho, that’s that. Oh but then we got In-N-Out and then we felt awesome (in a “I just downed that neopolitan shake and cheeseburger and my stomach kind of hates me but it was SO worth it”…kind of way).

A little side note: packing was way less stressful than antipated. We laid it all out, had a plan of attack and then just went to town. Every piece of clothing has a home and we were able to get in everything we wanted. I am so looking forward to living minimally and only relying on what we have and really appreciating my husbands arms as my “home.” 

Our flight leaves early tomorrow and we will be in Rome for a few days until we meet up with family near Naples. We can’t wait to share more of this journey with you and I want you to look out for some good recipes from my Nonna (grandma) and Zia (aunt) coming your way! Thank you for all your love and support. 



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