Our Last Stop in Asia: The Philippines!

Wow, well visiting the beautiful island of the Philippines feels like a billion years ago! But, I did start writing this post while we were there so theres that. However, I knew that all the memories that we made there and the places we visited would not escape my mind because, truth be told...the Philippines was probably one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen. EVER!

I know most people have this same image when they think of paradise: blue waters, white sand, palm trees, a cold beer in your hand, huts made of bamboo, wild life, your love and your best friends. I am happy to say that we had all of that! It WAS paradise. But ya know what? Paradise also has some flaws...want to know our unique set of flaws that we experienced during our 2 weeks in the Philippines? Or, shall I say...the island of Palawan? (yeah, thats the only place we visited). Here goes: an Airbnb host on the verge of divorce (we could hear the yelling and screaming), no electricty (aka, NO FANS OR AC) after 9pm in "I can barely breath" humidity, spiders the size of our rainbow sandals, rats scattering above us as we lay in bed, a tiny room that smelled HEAVILY of mold, sweet meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a few days of having absolutely nothing to do...or shall I say, a few days of not having the energy to do anything (probably because of the sweet meat diet).

Now, it might sound like I am complaining but let me please make you aware that I am not. Why? Because it was all apart of the experience and to be honest, spending our last 2 weeks in Asia in the Philippines visiting the places we did was the best way to end that portion of our trip. The beauty won over any and all challenges we faced and...really, at the end of the day...what challenges? Ya know? We were livin' life! We were drinking $2 bottles of rum and smoking hookah, swimming, diving and snorkeling in crystal clear waters, kayaking to our own private island where we ate Top Ramen, playing card game after card game as the sun set behind us. We were loving it. However, I will NEVER forget that spider.

I know this is a short post, but I wanted to keep it short and sweet because that is what the Philippines were. Well, a little sour too but just like any Sour-Patch Kid candy, you take the sour with the sweet and it's perfect. I think the memories that I cherish most about our 2 weeks on the island of Palawan was knowing that our time in Asia was almost over, which sadly translated to being close to saying goodbye our best friends and that we would be heading back home soon with this year of adventure behind us. With all of those things lingering in our mind, we just made the most of every single moment. We spent more money than our budget really allowed all for the sake of "Why the heck not?!?" or...I guess kids these days would say "YOLO." We took the good with the bad and then we laughed about the bad. And we also ate a whole box of donuts -- if that doesn't say "YOLO" then I don't know what does. Time is precious with your people, so we took that time cherished every moment. 


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