A Leap of Faith

The first post of a new blog is always so hard to write. What do I write about? How do I start this adventure? What is the tone I will be setting? Who is going to read this? + a million more questions that I have lurking in my mind — hence the title of this post! This is truly a leap of faith.

I guess I should start with, Welcome! Thanks for reading! This around-the-world adventure is so random and Sean and I will be the first to admit that. But, like all great ideas, it came in the midst of that nagging question – what’s next? (Side note: every time someone would ask the question “So, what are you and Sean up to?” or, “So what’s next for you and Sean?” and my response would be, “Oh, well we are actually planning a trip around the world for a year!”….I felt like a 5-year old. With crazy, wild, big, unrealistic dreams. But the amount of support and love we have experienced has been amazing and it made us feel 26 again.)

First things first, we followed the signs. Things definitely do not always happen the way you expect, right? We truly thought by now, we would not be living in Orange County but instead, somewhere far far away (that far away place was New York) but as God revealed to us, that was not the plan he had for us…at least not now anyways. Jobs, school, life all remained in Orange County and at first, that was hard to accept. We — actually, I — was not happy with it. I suddenly grew to be annoyed with the place we called home while Sean was still soaking up the sunshine, perfect 75 degree weather and any beach time he could get his hands on. As much as I loved being around my family, awesome friends, and a job I totally scored on, I was looking for a way out. A way to have an adventure. Something that could happen that would be different. Welp, like I said — we followed the signs that God so graciously put in front of us (and let me just say, at the time, it was hard seeing them as signs – instead they looked like annoying road blocks. But now, I am humbled by the grace and the guidance that God bestowed on us to get us on His path – not ours.)

First sign: Sean not getting a job anywhere out of state. Despite his qualifications, it just never worked out.

Second sign: Me having a job that is pretty darn awesome and the thought of leaving it for something unknown and unreliable just didn’t seem like it made sense.

Third sign: Sean getting into a year long paramedic school program.

Fourth sign (which was actually there the whole time): Our friends and family. They are amazing — the thought of leaving them to pursue another state right now just hurt our heart.

Fifth sign: an overwhelming desire to travel together.

Six sign: the still nagging feeling of wanting to do something awesome/different/life changing/exciting/etc but having not idea what that was

Seventh sign: good ol’ Yahoo news released an article about this couple who took a 2 year honeymoon traveling the world. Obviously, I was intrigued so I read the article, read their blog, learned all about them, and simply just thought to myself — well, I want to do that!…but I have that thought a lot of time about anything and everything.

Eigth sign: emailing that couple (http://www.honeytrek.com/) out of nowhere to let them know they were so inspiring. Which turned into an ongoing email conversation so much that I just had to let Sean know my “new” (super random) dream.

Ninth sign: Talking about it with my best friend and dreaming up an idea to travel the world…even if it was “crazy.”

Tenth sign: to my surprise, Sean was on-board. You see…Sean is the practical one in this marriage. He is not one to just go in a direction without a plan of attack. I, however, just believe it will all work out. Put us together and it can sometimes be a disaster, but truth be told, we seek out those qualities in one another and believe it to be a nice balance.

…and finally, the peace we felt when we decided to just go for it. We signed up to take a course with Honey Trek which was a life saver and really made us realize that our dreams were possible and all we needed to do was make the decision to go and do everything we could to make our adventure a reality.

And now here we are with so many more reasons why this trip makes sense to us…reasons we didn’t even know about until we started to plan such as the overwhelming desire to help others, learn about their life and culture, experience life through ups and downs and grow together as husband and wife in a way that we never thought imaginable. As we prepare to board the plane on August 19th, backpacks stuffed to the brim with wide eyes, open hearts, and a sense of peace (and also fear…is that possible to have the two together? Yes, yes it is.) we are humbled by the emotions that surround our decision and in the simplest of words…we are so freaking out excited.

Thank you for following along and for going on this adventure with us! 


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