The Perfect Ending: 1 Month in Italy

I was going to write one last big post about our final month in Italy but it was so simple and so close to my heart that I just want to keep it short and sweet...just like our time there.

To sum it up, it was where we said our farewells to the Kliman's as they began their adventure throughout Europe and once again, we had to give our best friends hugs that needed to last 7 months. We spent long days on my uncles boat and got way too sunburnt. We drank prosecco on the sand with my cousins and played rounds and rounds of paddle-ball/smash-ball (whatever you want to call it!) as the sun went down in my families little beach town. We ate all the pizza our mind, body and soul could handle and we washed it down with bottles of Peroni. We stuffed our faces with the absolute best homemade Italian food ever ever ever, and I will fight you to the death on that because my Zia makes the best food. We went out for gelato every night (that is not an exaggeration and I am proud of it). We almost died on my cousins Vespa because Vespa's are not your typical scooter and we (ahem...Sean) was way too confident the first time we mounted that bucking bronco of a Vespa. We cooked and learned about old family recipes and took my Nonna shopping for fresh ingredients. We visited family and friends in all the nooks and crannies of Italy from Naples to Tuscany and danced the night away with my cousins one evening in Roma. We gave tearful goodbyes to all of my beloved family and held them tight before saying "arrividerci" and heading home to the states. It was a month of comfort, of love and really special memories that ended our trip in the most perfect of ways. Simple as that.


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