Hi, I'm Lisa!


It’s pretty simple…I have a heart for gathering and sharing little and big moments with my people and around the table is where I feed my soul. 

My husband Sean and I live in sunny southern California where bartending is my “day” job and writing a cookbook is my “I have no idea what I am doing but I am going to do it anyways” job. You can usually find me watching the Today Show with a cup of coffee, at the park with Maple the pup, cooking up something tasty in the kitchen with my hubs, watching anything with Meryl Streep, covered in flour from a baking mishap, at the beach on a beautiful day lounging in my Tommy Bahama chair, reading through a cookbook, gathered around the table on a Sunday afternoon with my family, on a picnic blanket with a spread of bread and cheese or hangin’ with my girlfriends…a glass of wine in hand.

In 2014, I told Sean that I wanted to pack up our life and travel the world. To my surprise, he went for it! We took a year to save and plan for our trip, and then another year actually putting all those plans (and spending all that we saved) into fruition. We spent our time in Europe and Asia exploring new flavors, experiencing different cultures, gathering recipes and getting a taste for life we never thought was possible. 

In an attempt to document our year abroad, I began this blog as a way to recount memories, share photos and videos with our loved ones back home and as a platform to eventually get to where I am now…writing a cookbook! 

Coming from an Italian family pretty much guarantees a love for food, a zest for life, and the idea that the table is the heart of every home. We knew that with food, we would have something in common with anyone and everyone we met during our travels so we decided to make gathering around the tables of the world a foundation for our trip. With that in mind, we collected about 300 recipes and dishes we wanted to recreate from various parts of the world to share with all of you. 

I am not very tech-savvy, nor am I photographer or a writer so with this project, I am really diving into the deep-end. But ya know what I do have on my side? A passion for sharing our little piece of the world with you in hopes that you will gather together with your people, take a stab at trying these recipes while enjoying the stories that go along with them and together, we can explore the world from the heart of your home.

You can read more about our year-long adventure here and about The Table Trail Cookbook here.